A Childbirth Class called Hypno…babies??

No, these are not babies we have hypnotized, I get that a lot! Hypno babies are born when parents have prepared for an easier, more comfortable childbirth using Hypnobabies® Childbirth Hypnosis, which some might call “hypnobirthing”.

This is not the same childbirth class as HypnoBirthing (The Mongan Method). What makes Hypnobabies childbirth classes different from other hypnosis for birth classes or programs is that we teach real medical hypnosis techniques. You will learn to creates a phenomenon called hypno-anesthesia and you do not have to rely on immobility to remain in a hypnotic state. This creates such a peaceful and relaxing pregnancy, a calm and confident Birth Partner, and an easier and often  completely comfortable birthing  (70% say so!) for our Hypno-Mom.

I am one of those Moms that describes her births as nearly pain free and mostly very comfortable! Want to read about the my births? Here is Marlowe’s and Zephyr’s birth story. So, you want to have this kind of birth, too right?! Let’s get you registered today and you can be practicing your birthing techniques in just a couple of days. After you see the video below, choose your class series and register here.


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