Placenta Encapsulation and Milk Supply

Here is a testimonial from a very pleased Mama whose improved milk supply she attributed to her Placenta Capsules:


So I know this is out there for many people but I wanted to share my experience. With [older son] I didn’t encapsulate. I thought people who ate placenta were weird and I would never do it. Well, between [older son] and [younger son] I saw some interesting information that made me want to try it. It helped immensely with my mood and also the pp (postpartum) bleeding was lessened by 3 weeks (5 weeks with [older son] 2 weeks with [younger son]) so, yay to all those benefits.



I took the capsules for a few weeks and had stopped taking them but they were still in my freezer. The past few weeks I’ve started to feel a little blue so I started taking them again. A day or two after my first dose I started to feel engorged again. I wasn’t really connecting the dots but after the third day I realized why I had so much milk. I’ve started pumping again due to all this bounty LOL. So I just wanted to let other moms know that if you’re concerned about supply it might be worth looking into.


Do you have a Placenta Encapsulation benefits story? Please share!

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